The lake spreads over 11 acres. It is stocked with perch, bass and brim.  Around the dam are picnic spots and many places to sit and relax. 


Guests ONLY are permitted to catch & release fish in the lake. Visitors are not to wash items or throw anything into the lake. There is a designated area for fish feeding with a park member. Please avoid damaging lawns, trees and plants. Safe hook sets are required for fishing. It is recommended to use barbless fly so there's less injury for the fish and to you.  

Fishing Tips:

Tip 2: Save Up Beat-up Worms. Fish like to catch
wounded prey. Shredded Worms is perfect to use
especially in shallow waters.

Tip 3: Fish likes it red. Use a spinner bait with 
a red or pink head or a crank bait with a red hook.

Tip 4: Some say that you can only catch fish at first
and last light. It is a myth as fish feeds at anytime of the day.