There are kayaks available for hire. Take a 2.5km row or swim around the circuit and enjoy the tranquility, birdlife and fresh country air. Launch a kayak from the bank in front of your campsite on the lake and fish, exercise or even read a book on it! Get a team together and challenge each other. Life jackets and kayaks are available for hire. 


Every day new flora and fauna are appearing on the new lake. Get to know the native trees, animals and birds settling in around the lake.

Kayaking Tips For Beginners:

Tip 1: Sit up straight. It is advisable to sit up straight
slightly leaning forward. If you lean back, you will
have less control.

Tip 2: Move towards flatwater. If you're new into kayaking 
head for the flatwater- those are ponds or lakes.

Tip 3: Go easy, don't push yourself. Just like anything
you do for the first time, take it easy and keep on practicing.