Updated 1st Aug 2019


OFFICE HOURS 8.30am-5pm -Last Arrivals 6.00pm (office must be notified if  late arrival is expected)

Please come self-sufficient.


(Prices and Policies can be updated without notice.  Right of Admission Reserved)


To All Our Customers

(Please read & ensure all in your your party does  the same). This document is displayed on the external camp office wall a copy to all clients on arrival and on the the AAP website)  Indemnities are mandatory for every person on AAP soil, or under our services.  Customers are fully responsible to declare all persons in every vehicle or group and ensure all  persons are included on the indemnity/entry form at arrival and have legal guardianship of all children. If they are not included they do not exist at AAP. Once you read these and agree,  please sign and complete the indemnity/entry form as this is imperative for insurance purposes.  Please enjoy your stay and  feel welcome at all times.


STATEMENT: Australian Adventure Park (AAP) is proud of its safety record due to the policies and regulations in place. We encourage all to have fun but  respect our property and each other.  Children walking or on cycles, pedestrians,as well as pets must always be given “right of way” by vehicles. The speed limit in AAP is 20km max on main roads and 10km max within the camping areas. Normal road rules are enforced. We encourage healthy habits.  Farms require if  rules not followed.  Excessive drinking of alcohol is not tolerated as  judgement of safety & one’s responsibilities diminish.  Customers may be asked to breathe into a breathalyser prior to commencing any activity within the park if management suspects this person may be under the influence of alcohol. All guests understand that they are wholly responsible for themselves, their children & animals at all times and act in a responsible manner. AAP staff & maintenance officers have full access to the entire property at any time.

  • PREBOOKINGS IMPORTANCE: Never expect management to wait till after hours without full payment. Our office hours are 0800-1700. Travellers please phone ahead and give credit card details. Please never arrive at the gate demanding access after hours or wanting to do activities without a booking. Please book in groups for activities well in advance.

ACTIVITIES BOOKINGS: The Obstacle Corse, Archery, Flying Fox, Abseiling and Skirmish fes are NOT included in your camping/accommodation fees. Please enquire about the activities on arrival. All activities that require payment must be decided by you before arrival or well in advance and paid for prior to 30 minutes of the start of the activity. All participants must arrive 15 minutes before the start of the activity.  Failure to arrive or late arrival will not entitle you to any refund. Bookings can be made online-See website. All activities are chargeable over and above accommodation. Full paying residents get to fish free in the lake and river but this is not charged for, it is a benefit/attraction.

ACTIVITIES & SUPERVISION: We permit you to BYO Kayaks and Cycles though we do have our own to hire out. We are an adventure park and have invested heavily in providing campers activities, so please support us by doing one or more of the 4 major activities being 10m Tower Flying Fox or Abseil, Assault/Obstacle Course, Archery and Laser Skirmish. All attendees for all activities must be registered and paid for in advance at the office..All activities have an element of inherent risk. We conduct regular risk assessments that may at times see an activity closed for a period of time. It is therefore imperative that all activities other than those available for use without the need of an adventure leader being present, are out of bounds. All guests, schools or groups are welcome to supervise their children and/or groups for activities after a detailed DUTY OF CARE  has been delivered by AAP staff . We reserve the right to place a surcharge on cycles & kayaks, but notice will be given in advance.

AfTER DARK ACTIVITIES: Cycling, swimming and kayaking after dark is banned for safety and noise reasons. Please drive vehicles with caution.

ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS: Please drink in moderation and do not drive within the grounds of the property under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We reserve our right to breathalyse any individual we suspect may be under the influence of alcohol who wishes to partake in any activity within the property. Excessive drinking, abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and we encourage all guests to report offenders. Offenders will be asked to leave the property. No drugs of any kind that are illegal or may impede judgement are permitted on the property are permitted.  

AMENITIES :  We have 9 toilets and showers/ & basins in the main amenities,(includes handicapped) with town water .The powered slabs are piped with town water.  Island ONE has NO town water but only lake water so BYO containers or fill up your water tanks on arrival. There is 1 porta loo on Island 1 and 2 porta loos on the lakerim. AAP do not generally open islands 2&3 if the rim is not full. Please ALL BYO toilet paper for the porta loos. Any camper applying to stay on islands 2+3 agrees fully to show their toilet they must have for the bush camp sites in order for AAP to allow usage of these islands. Island 2 & 3 campers may use our dump point for free. Please clean all amenities after use.  We have A USE & CLEAN POLICY.. Mops etc avail in main amenities. AAP clean all amenities at least twice daily, morning and afternoons. Young kids must be escorted by a parent. Keep sand & mud out of the facilities by using the foot wash basins at the entrance of toilets to wash before entering. Lights off & doors closed after use to keep midges’ and moths out. Anyone caught kicking doors, DAMAGING, THROWING MUD ETC, or worse, will be removed from AAP and asked to pay for damages.

ANIMALS IN ENCLOSURE:  Please note they are not pets so be careful as could bite, kick, scratch etc. Never enter enclosure & do not feed or touch unless under the supervision of an AAP staff member. Enquire at the office if your kids would like to feed/pet the animals. This will depend on time and the condition of the animals (goats, an alpaca and ducks/guinea fowl) . Keep dogs well away. There are kangaroos also on the property & they can be aggressive. Please do not approach wild animal.Beware of magpies during the breeding and nesting season.

ARRIVAL  TIME:  12 NOON unless arrangements have been made with admin prior to arrival.

BALL PLAY AND SIMILAR GAMES: Absolutely no ball or frizby or similar on Island 1.  Be mindful of tents and people but you can play in areas not occupied in other areas. Preferably play ball games etc on the Drop Zone near the 10M Tower

BOTTLES AND GLASS: We have a strict NO GLASS policy in the campsites. Cans are acceptable and you may transfer bottled drinks to plastic cups. This is to eliminate the risk of broken glass entering our lake and being hazardous to children and fish. Absolutely no glass anywhere near the lake  is permitted especially around swimming areas. Swimming with these will mean immediate removal from AAP WITHOUT REFUND.

BOOKINGS AND  DUTY MANAGER:  Please book well in advance. Use the online booking system through the AAP website. Our office / SHOP hours are 0800-1700 daily and after hours means we have no one attending the office. Only in emergencies call 0438290100. Please do not turn up at the gate after hours and expect entrance, regardless if we are full or empty. Phone in advance and pay prior and we will consider letting you enter as  a Duty of Care is a requirement that is conducted by an  by onsite manager. AAP reserve the right to refusal of any booking in accordance with our insurance, policies and branding requirements. Please note that not all activities may be available during your stay as number are required to open the 10M TOWER and to play LASER SKIRMISH. If you arrive at the gate as a day tripper, we will do all we can to fit you in so please be patient.


CAMP OR CARAVAN SITE means tents, camper trailers, mnotorhomes or caravans suitable for the size of the campsite booked . 1 vehicle per camp site and you are entitled to 1 caravan or 1 trailer. Minimum 2 persons charged for.  Please avoid encroaching on the campsite of your neighbour/s…  Please see new charges for Seniors and in the Oval Area only. Additional charges for extra people charged as per rates lists. Our payment terms and conditions are available here: www.australianadventurepark.com . If someone sleeps in a car, boat or trailer, it is still considered a guest within the park and must be checked in to the office. All booking changes are to be advised to us as early as possible. Extra vehicles are to park in the parking area to the right after the entrance or a secondary car park past the camping area turnoff. Please ask staff for directions. Please park your car facing the road on the lakerim sites to minimize reversing as this is dangerous especially at night.

CAMPING OR PARKING UNDER LARGE TREES.. Dead or alive, these trees drop branches. Do not park cars, vans, tents or set up living areas under them. Remain outside the branches. We do keep old trees as there are many permanent nesting birds away from designated campsites


CAMPSITE ALLOCATION:  Admin will allocate sites.  Customers may request a particular site in the comment section when booking online or call the office to discuss options. Management have reasons to close off sites or allocate particular sites to customers for weather or maintenance reasons

CANCELLATIONS:  Cancellations / changes made more than 14 days in advance of arrival date are permitted and a full refund of monies paid, less a cancellations / change fee of $25 will be deducted.  Cancellations / Changes made less than 13 days in advance of arrival date forfeit the 50% deposit paid. Customers who book on site or in advance cannot be refunded if they decide to leave early.  Customers asked to leave early due to infringements or leave early on their own accord due to weather cannot expect refunds. Group bookings eg schools etc cannot be cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival  and “ book outs” require + 60 days notice before booked arrival date for cancellation or may lose deposits for short notice.

CCTV: Cameras are monitoring the lake areas and gate entrance.

CLAIMS BY CLIENTS: See indemnity Form. We are not responsible for loss, damages to client’s assets, personal effects or injury. This includes water damage in the case of floods or heavy rains. Ensure you are prepared for all weather conditions. It is recommended valuables are locked in cars.

CYCLES: Personal cycles of campers may be brought to AAP. Cyclists must practice safety. Helmets are mandatory. Cycles must stay away from “out of bounds” areas at AAP. Skidding and broad-siding on the gravel and riding bikes that purposefully tear up lawns is not acceptable as this causes damage to the environment, erosion and is dangerous. Please ride on roads and not across lawns. No Motor Cycles are permitted except to arrive and depart. They must remain stationary during a visit.

DAMAGES:  Any damages to the property or assets, mess left behind, fire burns on ground, litter, heavy marks on the ground will result in fines of $50. Fish removal or eating will be regarded as theft and could involve police. AAP will contact you before charging your credit card. However if the damage is to  power points etc we will agree to a credit card charge or wait for a quote from a repairer then send  you from an invoice and a copy of the quote. Please absolutely no digging holes in banks, sliding and damaging banks to cause erosion. No Digging holes anywhere on AAP Land for ANY reason.

DAYTIME  VISITORS: Gates open from 08.30-1700 daily.  Please NEVER drive onto the lake area! All campers and visitors to the park must check in to the office upon arrival to obtain their day pass at $10pp adults and $5pp kids regardless of the number of hours they intend to remain on the property. We can allow a quick visit with no charge at the discretion of management to drop off goods etc  but ALL visitors must register at the office and are not permitted to do any activities at all including swimming, fishing etc: Use public parking areas only.  Access to the lake by foot only and the area from the beach to the out of bounds gate or the west side of the lake is for day trippers. There is access to the river but a AAP fishing permit and  resident campers. The basic day tripper charge allows swimming and picnicking only in the lake area. Please BYO shade and chairs etc and DAY VISITORS cannot BYO  Kayaks or Cycles.Campers must never give visitors the gate code.  Guests must buzz the office from the gate or call the office number.

DAY TRIPPERS: These are customers that have pre-booked and made arrangements with management to do activities at AAP.  It is recommended that day trippers do NOT just arrive at our gates.  If wanting to take a tour of the property, visitors must call the AAP office well in advance to ensure there is a staff member onsite to assist.

DEPARTURE TIME: Campers should leave by 10AM unless arrangements have been made with admin  to leave later for a specific reason. Day trippers must exit before 5pm

DOGS  & PETS: We are Dog Friendly only and if on leash. Unfriendly or vicious dogs are not welcome. They must be registered by name & breed when booking. Never leave dogs alone & unsupervised on the property. Any damage to any areas by pets is at the expense of the customer. Please ensure you pick up dog waste and dispose. Dogs barking excessively or are a nuisance will be asked to leave. Please don’t leave animals tied up outside during storms.

DUMP POINT (FREE TO CAMPERS)  Please ask the office where to empty cassettes.  Please do not empty any waste from caseetes into the amenities block OR into the Porta Loos.

DUTY OF CARE:  AAP staff delivery a duty of care to all guests and visitors on arrival which covers camping & all activities. Payment and bookings are made at the office where the relevant forms must be signed and dated. Guests will be issued a copy of the park’s Policies. Please observe signs around the property for the purpose of safety.  There are signs around Water, the Commando Tower, Assault Course & Brave Heart Course, Laser Skirmish. AAP staff must be present on the Tower & must have completed safety & Duty of Care on all activities prior to guests entering the areas. This includes swimming. Kids to be under the supervision of a parent/guardian at all times. Helmets are compulsory on cycles and life jackets on kayaks needed for non-swimmers. Supervisors must also arrive for the activity. Parents, teachers, etc are present at all Duty of Care briefings & take over supervision plus responsibility of their party’s activities at all times. AAP has a qualified supervisor on the Commando Tower. All activities & lake area etc closed at nightfall. A declaration of Duty of Care is to be signed by parents ‘guardian for each group.

FINANCIAL POLICIES: Payment terms and Refund Policy: 50% deposit is required at the time of booking for all bookings. Balance charged 14 days prior to arrival. An email will be sent to remind you. Only if a deposit is paid in full will AAP honour the terms agreed upon. Groups and Schools cannot get deposit back after 30 days prior to the booking date and individuals is 14 days prior. Final numbers must be declared prior to 14 days.  AAP expect final payments for ALL bookings 14 days prior. If a client can prove there is an emergency making the booking impossible to attend, they can defer the booking for up to 6 months to avoid losing the deposit and paying the balance. If AAP accept to cancel on a proven emergency, at the last minute, it will be based on if the booking can be replaced with a new group and at what rate the penalty will be charged.  

FIRES AT AUSTRALIAN ADVENTURE PARK   1st June 2019 CHECK QFES Website Fraser Coast for latest fire ban news!

FIRES: NOW are a PRIVILEDGE and NOT a RIGHT.  Any person not wishing to comply with these rules cannot have a campfire and if during the stay, the rules are no adhered to, the fire will be immediately extinguished / removed and any damage, baked ground or singed lawns, or mess will be charged for and paid on the spot…Min charge $50. Unfortunately, it has become necessary to tighten up our policies due to the gradual deterioration of our property, the lawns and destruction of our trees by a few campers.

For reasons of safety, mess and the damage to trees and bushes have almost given cause to cease permitting campfires, but we will continue to allow them for the sake of the campers that have complied.


  1. Powered Sites ONLY: Contained fire drums are supplied on wheel rims. Never move these or remove drums from the rim. If a disk on legs is at that site. AAP will remove the coals once the client departs from powered sites.
  2. Non-Powered Sites.. You must BYO a campfire container and it must be shown on arrival. These must be on legs/bases and be a minimum of 30cm off the ground. They must be able to contain coals and ashes. No holes allowed in the campfire container. AAP insist that these have a coal-catcher below. No large drums permitted. Coals must be extinguished and taken to our coal dump when departing. Examples AAP do have drums which include wheel rims and are for hire at $5 per night.Coals/Ashes should never be put on or dropped out the fire container onto the ground.
  1. Never dump coals anywhere on AAP property, except the signed coal dump next to the Council bins.
  2. We permit campfires, NOT bonfires.
  3. Never attempt to dig holes of any kind or use coals on the ground for camp ovens. Use gas for camp ovens or use a specially designed above-ground stove that complies with our rules.
  4. Only standard size PRE-CUT and split wood can be brought onto AAP property. BYO kindle.
  5. No collecting firewood or kindle from AAP bush or any bush wood. No further dragging in logs, bushes to use the leaves etc. No cutting or chopping wood at AAP. BYO firelighters etc to quick start your fire.
  6. AAP sell wood in bags and supply a bag of kindle and a fire starter with each AAP bag bought. $12 per bag or $20 for 2.  Safety: Never try and put food to cook into a fire if suitable tongs not available. In any strong winds, do not light a fire. Put fires out if leaving the site or going to bed. Keep children away. Always have a bucket handy to scoop lake water or us a hose if avail to extinguish fire if it is spreading. A bag of kindle will cost $3 each if you have not BYO.
  7. Campsites must show NO sign of a fire at any time or after departure, be it scorching of lawn, coals, ashes, sticks, wood, leaves, damage etc. Ensure sites are left as your found them: neat and tidy for the next camper. PLEASE ALWAYS CONTAIN FIREWOOD IN CONTAINERS, BE IT AAP’S OR YOURS.
  8. Never sweep coals or sticks /logs etc into the lake. Remove all this from sites and clean up all litter and repair damage. Minimum fines now $50. If you are unsure of anything please ask admin for advice.


It is a privilege not a right. Camp fees do not include a fishing charge at present.  This is a free PERK and can be cancelled at any time. 100% catch and release on the lake!! All dams on property out of bounds. 1 fishing rod per person. Absolutely  no traps, Nets, throw nets  etc anywhere near the lake. Day trippers, please see Fishing Regulations when paying the fishing fee. See information provided on signs at the office. Never remove fish from the lake unless absolutely sure it is Tilapia & always show Management. Please help us preserve our fish stock by adhering to a strict catch & release fishing policy. AAP reserve the right to search eskies and coolers and or call the Police if we have cause to believe theft is occurring. Fishing from the river pontoon is permissible during the hours of 0800-1700. Residents are free to fish at the river but day trippers pay $10 per person and this is for the main lake and includes the river. Any river fish kept please show at the office and we ask not eaten on site unless crabs. Keep crab pots throw nets away from pontoon etc. Children fishing on lake or river must have adult with them.

FISH CLEANING: Cleaning fish anywhere on AAP property is prohibited.

FORMS:  Completion of these with accurate information is imperative & legally binding. Everyone on site AAP must be registered and have signed indemnities. Only legal guardians can sign their children’s forms. If a client does not complete the documents by avoiding detection on arrival, or hiding a person, then as far as AAP is concerned, they are not on our property and have no legal existence and can result in the rest of the party being evicted when discovered.

GENERATORS  &  NOISE.   Camping Etiquette: Generators must be tiny, super silent, and  run no more than 3 hrs at a time 7am-7pm. Importantly ask your neighbour if it is ok and if not, turn off. Use Solar panels where possible.  Loud music, offensive language and/or abusive conduct to anyone onsite including other guests and AAP staff, dogs barking, hooting etc will not be tolerated. Please report offenders.  Please be mindful of your neighbouring campers. We are a family friendly facility so we appreciate all guests’ cooperation. All noise must be kept down after 9.00pm. SEE NOISE & GENERATORS below!

GLAMPING TENTS: There 8 tents on island 1 which are designed for 2 persons. (Min 2 Night Stays). Basic furniture is supplied. Never move furniture, never damage zips of canvas. Never lean things on ropes that cause stress to them.10 AMPS of Electricity is available. A fridge must sit on a mat or similar to prevent tearing ground sheet. Never tie gazebos etc to the tents and ensure these are well secured as you will have to pay damages if gazebos damage the tents during winds. Never leave windows and doors open if going away and ensure you leave them as you found.  Fines will be issued min $50 for mess or damage. Be gentle with zips and the ground covers. Any rips must be reported immediately so that repairs can be done on the spot- if not too severe. Bring small tent for extra persons. Never allow dogs inside. Kids must never climb in and out of windows. Cars must park safely away from ropes. Kids must never play ball near the glamping tents.

Remember to bring all your own linen, pillow, cooking utensils, cooker, plates, extra shade etc as the tent only has a king size bed, a carpet, a small table, and an electric light and kettle, a clothes hanger and a small chest. Pets must stay outside and be kept on leash. NO COOKING INSIDE THE TENTS.  This is not only dangerous but leaves odours behind

GLASS BAN: Absolutely no glass bottles or drinking glasses at AAP. Any glass items must never be 1m from lake banks. Kids swim here. This applies especially to swimming beach.

GREY WATER AREA.. Please stay away from this area near the green container. . It is clearly sign posted.

KAYAKS ON THE LAKE ARE FOR KAYAKING ONLY .  AAP Kayaks are for hire but our kayaks cannot be used as toys. Life jackets ( pfds) are mandatory. Paddles and pfds must be returned to the office on time or charges will be incurred. Never flip, stand on, pull up banks. Return to beach after use! Clean them for the next person.  You are welcome to BYO Kayaks.   Please protect our banks. Private Kayaks, paddle boards, must wear PFDs/LIFE JACKETS. especially kids.

HIRING & USE  OF AAP ASSETS:  Cycles, kayaks, laser guns are numbered. Ensure they are returned clean & in good order. Any abuse to any item of property at AAP will not be tolerated. Use and CLEAN

LAKE USEAGE: Regardless, the water is totally out of bounds after dark. We recommend families with toddlers to stay in the oval area and walk to the lake. Please never allow children, especially toddlers, near the water unsupervised.

LAUNCHING VESSELS: There are no launching facilities here.   If you have a small vessel that can be carried off the trailer into the river, we permit this as long as cleared with management. You must register with Management all boat details. Please do not step in the black mud & then onto the jetty & gazebo or it must be cleaned. No crab pots on the pontoon. No fish cleaning on the pontoon. Please remove all valuables from boats and we do recommend pulling them on the shore or tying the boat to a tree and not to the pontoon/jetty..

LAWNS: Please use designated roads on the property and drive onto the grassed area only at the time of parking your van, tent, camper trailer. Please limit the amount of driving whilst in the camping areas for safety of children and to preserve our grassed areas and reduce excessive damage from vehicles. If we have rain, please note we have wallum/clay soil.  Any marks left by you must be rectified before departure. Please drive along roads only, take the shortest route to your site.

LAUNDRY:  We do not have a laundry facility available at the park. Please bring enough clothes for your trip and if possible, bring a clothes line/hanger for wet towels etc There is a laundrette close by at Howard. Do not wash clothes in the amenity showers. Small items may be rinsed in the hand basins or in the wash up area.

LITTER: Every bit of litter or coals or firewood must be removed from your site. No litter should be left anywhere on AAP land. Fines are issued. See council bins near camp office. We can issue a waste bag if needed. Avoid leaving scraps around that may attract vermin. AAP also ask food or drink are not consumed on the lake as this can find itself in the water and create litter problems, rot and even tins become a danger. Dispose of waster in the council bins by the office.

MAIN ROAD:  AAP Cycles and other equipment must not be taken out of the property or on the main Burrum Heads Road.

MAINTENANCE: There will be maintenance at times to ensure the property looks presentable & safe. We may ask your patience while we work in close proximity. All pipes, & irrigation items, equipment are strictly out of bounds.

MOTOR CYCLES, QUADS ETC.. Absolutely not welcome. Only staff usage of utility and electric vehicles is permitted ..and must be used responsibly

MUD SLIDING/JUMPING/THROWING OR DIGGING : Is not permitted. Wet areas after rain must be avoided at all times to avoid damage and harm to others. This includes in river lines, the forest etc. Any damage caused as a result of reckless action will be at the expense of the customer.

SAVE OUR LAKE FROM  EROSION PLEASE: Digging mud from the lake, making grooves for kayaks, throwing mud, building mud moulds on the banks, sliding on banks damaging lawns or leaving marks is banned and environmentally unfriendly! We cannot allow the next people to arrive and see this mess and so it must be repaired by the customers themselves. We will charge for damages and if it does not cease we will stop swimming and kayaks in front of camps. Please help us by not dragging kayaks up on the banks. Lift them and not sliding in and out of the water, climb in and out. Thank you for your support. A long carpet has been provided on some sites and you are welcome to BYO.

NOISE & GENERATORS. Excessive noise, loud music, offensive language and/or abusive conduct to anyone onsite including other guests and AAP staff will not be tolerated. Please report offenders. Generators are allowed between approx 7am-7pm. Please be mindful of your neighbouring campers. We are a family friendly facility so we appreciate all guests’ cooperation. Noise must be kept down after  9.00pm.

OFFICE/SHOP HOURS:  8.30am to 5.00pm.  Please come before closing time to shop.  The Duty Managers tel. numbers are displayed on the office door in case of emergency.

OUT OF BOUNDS The river line area running from the river to our northern fence line & marked Laser Skirmish is out of bounds at all times unless it is in a group under AAP Management authority. The Jungle for Laser skirmish is OOB.  No cycles, vehicles or people or animals to enter these areas at any point. Never cross boundary fences into neighbours. The dams other than the main lake are out of bounds. See signs and adhere to please.

PEGS: Please do not use pegs longer than 20CM .Electrical cables and pipes lay 30CM througout the property.  The cost of repair to any AAP infrastructure will have to be paid by the person responsible.

PHOTOS: Clients not agreeable to AAP taking photos of themselves or their children when participating in activities are to kindly advise us. Pictures may be used for purpose of marketing. See indemnity.

PORTA LOOS: SEE WASTE & AMENITIES..  Remember to BYO toilet paper.  AAP supplies roll for emergency only.

REBOOKING FEE: $25 rebooking fee applies for booking changes made with more than 14 days notice. Booking changes are subject to availability and a new date must be provided at the time of rebooking. If your booking is cancelled by us in the event of bad weather, there will be a zero rebooking fee and you will be offered full credit to book in at another time within 6 months of your original arrival date. Please note that credit card details are stored on file until your date of departure and in the event of misconduct or damaging property assets or equipment, your credit card may be charged.

RIVER ACCESS: 0800-1700. Please keep away from all residences, buildings, sheds, vehicles, equipment etc. Please no swimming as heavy currents and underwater nasties. Leave area clean and no litter.

RIVER PONTOON & JETTY : Please do not spend all day hogging the area if there are other campers wanting to fish on the river.  Please bring down your own chairs and tables and find a spot on the river bank to fish off. 

RUBBISH  DISPOSAL  LARGE Council Bins and often a skip are available at the old entrance towards the office.

SAFETY & SATISFACTION: To ensure the safety of all clients, our property & assets, please take the time to read this & explain to your guests, so each guest can enjoy the park and all its facilities.  Stay away from all obstacles on the property.

SECURITY :  CCTV is on the property 24/7. The main gate is closed at 1700 hrs approx & opened at 0800daily. Residents will be provided the code to open the gate.

SKATEBOARS & SKATES etc: AAP has no suitable surfaces suited to skateboard or skates. Howard has a small area for children to skate in.

SMOKING: Under the state legislation, smoking is banned nine feet from all activities open for use of other guests. Smoking away from communal activities and at your campsite is allowed. Please dispose of you butts appropriately, not in the lake or around campsites for small kids to pick up.

SPEED LIMITS: 20kph is the maximum speed within the park roads. Strictly 10kph on Lake Road and camping areas. Vehicles give way to all pedestrians, cyclists, animals at all times. Please save our roads. We are governed by the laws of the road, including intoxication from dust. Please walk where possible & minimise travel, especially if wet or dusty. No skidding on roads, beware of marks on lawns by vehicles, trailers, etc. Ask for sand to repair any damages caused.

SWIMMING IN THE LAKE OR RIVER: Water is a DANGER.  Swimming during daylight hours only. Never dive in or be reckless. Swimming and entering the water is only permitted in the beach area near the kayaks. Strong swimmers only.  Swimming is permitted with strict capable adult supervision on the beach. Never allow kids to swim without their own PWC’s & parents supervision. This is a lake & the water is brown so ensure the swimmers are visible at all times.  Swimming in shallows only within 5m max from the beach & no climbing out on the banks unless in emergency situations. Our beaches are not manned with life guards. There are logs along banks for fish habitat. River swimming off AAP on Burrum River is banned and not recommended.

USE & CLEAN POLICY This policy applies to all areas you & your party use, be it the huts, amenities, camp sites, kayaks, cycles, assault course, lake areas, sporting areas, river gazebo area etc. Please leave these neat & tidy & clean during & after usage. We leave mops & cloths in the amenities for this purpose. If you make marks on the ground, please use the rake & repair. Thanks.

VEHICLES & DANGERS: Never take for granted there is no one under or behind. You are in close proximity to others, especially kids and pets. Always park vehicle facing the road, never reverse. Absolutely no driving if consumed alcohol or any drug that could affect control. Avoid any driving at night if pos.


WASHING UP SINKS: We have placed buckets near  taps on the lake for the convenience of all campers to share in acquiring water for their campsite or washing dishes near the taps. Ensure food & waste is put in the bins. No solids down any drains or into the lake. A tap near the amenities is for rinsing plates only. Watch water usage to save blockages or mess. Please byo basins and use as sinks.

WASTE & LITTER:  Please help us preserve wildlife and water systems by picking up all litter, yours or others. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the floor. Please ensure you dump your rubbish in the skip bins provided for your convenience near the fence line of the property. Never allow plastic, cans or rubbish of any kind in to the lake, river or neighbouring properties.

WASTE, SEWERAGE & DUMP POINTS. The whole park is run wholly on septic waste system & treatment facility and cannot under any circumstances accept the emptying of porta loo waste into it. Sanitary items, plastics, nappies or foreign matter other than human waste is NOT to be flushed down the amenity toilets. Please observe signs throughout the park and if you have any questions we welcome you ask our friendly staff. Please help us keep our rates low by reporting any offenders. Heavy fines will apply to any offenders. Use are FREE DUMP POINT!

WATER SUPPLY: Council water is piped to the amenities, to the 5 concrete caravan sites only. Town water taps are marked with white tape. All other  water to the lake areas, at this stage, is dam irrigation water. Water on lakeside campsites is dam water and not suitable for drinking. Rather than rinsing plates in the lake, please use your bucket and use the taps near the campsites which is dam water. 

WI-FI..Limted around the office for your convenience. We recommend you leave the devices behind and enjoy life without technology😆😁